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All-Inclusive Wedding Package

Updated: Mar 30

"I am over budget." Have you ever heard this from someone planning their wedding day? With hidden fees and unaccounted for costs, it's no surprise budgets are often broken.  The Warrington offers an all-inclusive wedding package to make the budgeting process more convenient.  We also partner you with an experienced event planner who can help you navigate through the gray areas of wedding day planning.  What do we include to help?  How are our inclusions different so you can make your wedding day unique?  We will explore those details below.

You get flowers, and you get flowers; everybody gets flowers.  It's the Oprah-esque giveaway we all want to hear when staring down the bill for wedding day flowers.  At The Warrington, you get flowers.  Centerpieces, elevated or table level, and sweetheart table flowers are included in our all-inclusive wedding package.  Once you book your package with us, contact Domenic Graziano Florist and schedule your floral consultation.  Once you pick out your flowers, leave it up to us to place your official order and take care of your day of wedding logistics.

Have you checked out the Food Network recently?  There are a lot of shows about cake.  From Cake Masters to Ace of Cakes or Last Cake Standing to Cake Boss.  The options to pick from can become overwhelming, but our all-inclusive package simplifies this process. Once you book our wedding package, you are free to set up your wedding cake consultation with the cake experts at Bredenbeck's or Desserts by Design and secure your included wedding day cake options.  They will help you navigate the world of cake, from flavors to presentation.  Once you pick out your cake, we handle the ordering and day of wedding logistics.

What are the three most important things to you on your wedding day?  If you mentioned food, you are in the majority.  This is why The Warrington invested in a state of the art kitchen equipped with Rational ovens, sous vide machines and some of the best culinary members in the area led by experienced Executive Chef, Jerry King.  Pick eight hors d'oeuvres from a list of 20, while enjoying two extra hors d'oeuvres inspired by seasonal ingredients and current trends, which are specially selected by our chef. Welcome your guests with The Warrington Artisanal Market station, stocked with assorted cheeses, meats, fruits, vegetables and much more.  Within your three course dinner, pick four entrée options from our curated list of popular dishes, including the Brazilian Charcoal Steak, Key West Chicken and Salmon Sesame. Check out our many reviews to see the buzz our kitchen is receiving about their cuisine or attend one of our mega tastings to try the food yourself.  See what the review hype has been all about.

Family and friends surround you on wedding day, but do you have a little more room?  Say  for a couple more friends?  Maker's Mark, Jameson, Tanqueray and Tito's all hope so, because they're just a couple of the top shelf spirits attending your wedding under the responsible eye of our bartenders.   Our premium bar is open when you book our wedding package.  Wine, beer (domestic and international options), spirits and mixers are the items you can find behind our bar.  Pick two cocktails from our menu of signature drinks to accompany our seasonal sangria.  At The Warrington, we're raising the bar, and guests are loving it.  

Our dedicated front of the house wedding day staff includes an event director, event manager, day of wedding coordinator, head service team members and servers to make sure all details, no matter small or large, are taken care of to provide that extra piece of mind.  Let us handle the details, you just handle enjoying one of the best days of your life.

All-inclusive is a buzz word in the wedding industry when it comes to a venue.  Easy budgeting, convenience, and professional expertise tied to vendor recommendations.  For all these reasons and more, all-inclusive is attractive.  Click here to explore our wedding page and schedule a tour with one of our experienced event planners.  Begin planning your all-inclusive wedding day now.

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