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Dine with Our Executive Chef

Start the VIP experience at The Warrington before your wedding day begins.

Have a seat behind the scenes in our kitchen to savor the house-made dishes and watch modern cooking techniques used every day by our Executive Chef John Smola. Enjoy the unique experience of watching his team prepare items from our menu for you to try. This is your chance to ask questions you have about our food and preparation process. Our kitchen is now open!

Walk into upscale Philadelphia restaurants like Zahav, Fork, Amis, and Steven Stars Jones Restaurant and find a seat that overlooks their kitchen. You might be curious to see your dish cooking or to ask them why they performed a certain cooking technique or even ask “what is in this sauce because I cannot leave without the recipe?” All these questions and more can be answered while dishes like our Brazilian Charcoal Steak topped with a Brazilian steak sauce, chimichurri glaze and buttermilk onion rings are prepared right in front of you to try.

Turn your tasting into an informative experience with our chef. Find out how all the steaks we cook come out at the perfect temperature and possess a tenderness you previously would only find at a steak house. Learn about the recipes used to create robust flavors you and your guests will experience on your wedding day. Before our steaks are sous vide, grilled, and served, they are marinated with cracked black pepper, salt, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, butter, and garlic cloves for two days.

The goal of our “open kitchen experience” is to give you the same transparency that you get during other appointments such as flower showings and cake design and tasting. We want to be as transparent as possible with you, so your experience is the experience of a lifetime. Listen in to other attending guests’ questions and watch our Executive Chef cook and explain his process for preparing each dish.

Experience the next generation of weddings as our team details every step of the experience for you. Receive the innovative experience you often find in cities right here in Bucks County. Our kitchen is open, come have a look at what we’re cooking up next.

Want to learn more? Call 215 343 1630 to schedule a tour with one of our Event Planners today. Tune in for next weeks blog and take a walk behind our bar with our on-site mixologist to see what unique cocktails we're serving here for your next special occasion.

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