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Fall In Love This Season

This is the perfect season to fall in love and it just so happens to be the most popular time of year to tie the knot.

The leaves are changing but the love our couples share for this time of year stays the same. The reason for this trend is the wedding décor, seasonal flavors you can find in our entrees and seasonal cocktails, and the natural beauty you find outside this time of year.

The glass is half full when it comes to our seasonal sangria. This autumn inspired concoction will remind you of apple picking with its fresh apple cider aroma. The fusion of cider and sweet white wine is the perfect base for adding a little cinnamon spice. This sangria was a hit last year and is back again this year. The best part comes at the end when eating the sangria infused apple slices.

Our Executive Chef and team experiment with seasonal flavors to craft the perfect seasonal dish. This year it’s all about the butternut squash and seasonal risotto. The squash is carved up to add a flavorful texture to the risotto base and is vegetarian.

Fill the room with a festive cake design, holiday pumpkins, lanterns with tealights, and decorative leaves to transform your wedding day into a decorative affair. The bakeries we partner with in Bucks County have exceptional options when it comes to flavor and presentation. Walk into any arts and crafts store this time of year and let your DIY mind go crazy. The fall is full of seasonal inspiration that will make your wedding day a one of a kind experience.

Excited about hosting a fall wedding? We have a few dates remaining for fall 2019 and will be posting plenty of seasonal inspired photographs on our social account over the next month to ignite your creative spark. Call us @ 215 343 1630 or visit us on our website to schedule a tour. Follow us on our social channels to see all the possibilities you can create for your wedding day.

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