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Planning Your Bucks County Wedding

The experience of a life time will come before you know it once you’re engaged so let’s walk the path together towards a successful wedding celebration.

Bucks County is home to many beautiful gardens and historic sites, perfect for memorable wedding day photographs. Once you have decided on location, the next step is to find the dress that makes an impression you will feel again and again when looking back at your wedding day pictures. Follow this experience by identifying your vendors, decorative theme, cake selection, and floral arrangements. The order in which you execute each detail is important so let’s breakdown why together.

“Location is key!” This saying, which is often heard within the real estate market also applies to your wedding. If you have specific dates in mind, you will want to tour venues at the beginning of the planning process. Your selection of cake flavors and design may be endless, but your choice of venue and location have their limits based on the space and the dates available. Consider your total guest count to make sure the venues size fits well with your desired party size. The most common “keys” to a great evening we hear of is the food and the party, so you will want to take note of a venue’s menu and the size of their dance floor. Once you find the setting, it’s on to the next step.

Similar to venue limitations, well known DJs, bands, and photographers have limited dates they are available so you will want to partner with them in the early stages. A lot of photographers will even include your engagement photos in their package. Their is almost always an endless supply of a photographers work on social channels to see their stylistic approach to capturing your wedding day. Different DJ and band services also host showcases for you to speak with their professionals and pick your entertainer. They also may offer other products you may be interested in such as a photo booth or up lighting. See what the vendors packages are to make each stop as beneficial as possible and learn of new possibilities for your day.

It’s time to put on the dress. Any dress you select is perfect because it has made an impression on you, but the dress may have to be ordered in or customized. These details take time, so you will want to be on the hunt for your dress following your venue selection. Often the venue has recommendations for where to go based on hearing feedback from previous brides they have worked with. Use the resources you already know in the industry for recommendations with any category you need help with.

Now it’s onto the cake and flowers. You may have a favorite bakery or florist in mind that you will be using but if this part is new to you, know that a lot of bakeries will host tastings and flower shops will host consultations for you. Try the different options they offer and check their catalogs for inspiration. Social networks like Instagram and Facebook are great places to see additional products the company has created and since they are updated regularly, you will see some of their most recent work.

Now that you have your wedding planning checklist, it’s time to meet with the experts in the industry who can provide guidance to you every step of the way. The Warrington is located in Bucks County and has Event Planners waiting for your call or email today.

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