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Raising the Bar: Signature Cocktails

You cannot save the best for last when the bar is open this early

You are waiting in line to order your next cocktail. You notice a sign listing that evening’s signature drinks and start feeling adventurous. The bartender asks “what can I get you?” and you reply “I will go with the ‘basil & blue; eyes on you.’” You begin to catch the fresh scent of basil, blueberries, and lemon as they trickle over the cool ice in your glass before they are shaken into harmony and topped off with club soda. The glass enters your outstretched hand and you go in for your first sip. The sparkling fizz escaping the glass has the presence of the cocktail’s fresh flavor with each pop and the taste transports you to a tropical island. That is the power of a house crafted cocktail.

Grab a bar stool seat and have a look at what is new; The Warrington in Bucks County has unveiled it’s 2019 “Signature Cocktails Menu” including new favorites like “Honey Love” and “Simply Mojito.” Searching for that unique something to add to your wedding is now included with savory cocktails your guests will love.

Let’s get back to “Honey Love,” a cocktail inspired by the sweet flavors of honey and lemon. A house crafted simple syrup composed of honey, ginger, and rosemary turns what was a “vodka lemonade” into a cocktail experience. Stay tuned to our Instagram account for a video detailing the creation of this cocktail from beginning to end. Enhancing drinks at your next cocktail party is often one ingredient away. Feel free to order Honey Love as a featured drink for your wedding experience with us or recreate the cocktail for the next party you host.

“Simply Mojito” is a summertime blend enjoyed in beach chairs with your feet in the sand. Each sip filled with white rum, fizzy club soda, freshly muddled mint, lime, and agave is a thirst-quenching good time. This tropically infused beverage is on the list of 2019 favorites and it is easy to see why. Your guests will feel like they are on their own little honey moon vacation.

Feel confident in your selection. Each cocktail was created through the use of fresh ingredients. Your “fine dining” cocktail treat is a selection away. Ask one of our Event Planners for our 2019 signature cocktails list that is sure to make a splash at your next event with us.

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