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What You Should Know When Planning Your Wedding in 2019

We asked the experts from Lilly Ryan Events Group and Diamonds and Details for best advice when it comes to planning your wedding in 2019.

It can become overwhelming looking at all of the available resources when planning your wedding day. We teamed up with wedding planning experts Amanda and Danielle from “Diamonds and Details” and “Lilly Ryan Events Group,” respectively, to help guide you through some of the most common questions newly engaged couples have. Ever wonder what questions you are not asking that you should be? Are you still searching for what your wedding décor theme should be in 2019? These are a few of the questions we asked Amanda and Danielle and their responses will save you time and help you make the right moves going forward.

Struggling to find the right questions to ask? “Diamonds and Details” expert Amanda recommends that your vendors and venue give “a clear list of what they will and will not be responsible for” so all angles are covered. It’s also important to discuss with each vendor and venue your expectations or “must-haves” for your wedding day to ensure they can be met. Danielle added that you should ask every potential vendor you meet “are you the one who will be on site the day of my wedding?” The relationships you build may be something that you value the most. Don’t assume that person will be there on the day of your event. If they cannot make it, check out their reviews. Great reviews often include names of people previous clients have worked with and you will want to make sure you are receiving the best experience.

Looking for the ideal timeline to follow when it comes to finding your dress, bakery, florist, coordinators, and vendors? It is important to look for venues, entertainment, and coordinators first because they have limited dates available. If they are booked, it comes down to changing your date or looking for other vendors. If you have a vendor you cannot go without, you will want to discuss your plans with them early. Check with the venue you booked with or a coordinator like Amanda and Danielle for information on who they recommend. You will also want to consider your dress early on so any alterations needed will be taken care of with plenty of time left to try it on again to make sure it's perfect. After this, it’s time to taste the sweets and smell the roses.

Looking to attach a décor theme to your wedding? Here’s what Danielle believes will be trending in 2019… “tablescapes… are going to be seeing lots of greenery. Floral design will be lush, whimsical and romantic. Couples [will be] going for rich hues and textures such as velvet.” Danielle also sees the nixing of the couples table and replacing it with long banquet tables with low florals so guests can see each other, and the newly married couple can feel “united with their guests.” Amanda envisions weddings incorporating a mix of personalization with tradition. “Think timeless décor, vintage dresses…, and creative ceremony seating such as seating in a half circle.” On the side of personalization, “custom invitations, welcome bags highlighting the wedding host city, and hand-written place cards” for making a statement in 2019.

When seeking the best advice who do you go to? If your answer is “it depends on the topic” then you may want to trust Danielle and Amanda when it comes to wedding planning advice. “Know your budget.” It will help you determine what is most important to you for your wedding and the vision you have for it and if the excel spreadsheet budget planning concept is not your forte, Danielle will be happy to help you out. Another great reason for having a planner at your side is to keep “a very realistic budget set from the beginning” and Amanda does this by helping you through best practices when it comes to managing the budget. So much goes into your wedding day and they can help guide you in the right direction and recommend reasonably priced, but highly skilled, vendors in the industry you may not have otherwise found.

When it comes down to selecting a wedding planner, “Lilly Ryan Events Group” and "Diamonds and Details” have custom packages to ensure you are receiving the help you truly need. You can have their teams work with you through all the stages of planning, from just the day of help to walking with you through the whole process. Both “Lilly Ryan’s Event Group” and “Diamonds and Details” take on a limited number of weddings per year to make sure each client is a priority. Both teams ensure the experience is as close to stress-free as it gets when planning your wedding.

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