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Modern Speakeasy

For your next celebration

Speakeasy was once synonymous with intimate regarding its private setting. A place where those gathered to celebrate secretly during a time when alcohol was illegal. Flash forward to today’s speakeasy, where alcohol is now legal, you get an establishment built on exclusivity, and here in Bucks County, there is no speakeasy more exclusive than The Warrington’s Modern Speakeasy.

For access, guests must be invited by the couple or VIP that has booked their next celebration here. It’s not your typical Friday or Saturday night spot now with this built in discreetness. This cocktail room accompanies the Crystal ballroom, the private event space used for more intimate affairs. In this new addition to the speakeasy family, your guests can enjoy exceptional cocktails, hand crafted hors d’oeuvres, a fun and delicious grazing station, and plenty of spots for your next viral photo.

Some of the signature cocktails offered, and serviced upon the hosts selection, Include Honey Love, Pineapple Paloma, or Adulting. Honey Love combines fresh summer lemons with the flavor of autumn honey for a seasonal collaboration that delights the taste buds. Pineapple Paloma takes a tropical twist on the popular Paloma and Adulting combines health with fun as fresh lime, cucumber, and syrup blend with the spirits of vodka.

To enjoy access to this exclusive experience, contact our Event Planners today to begin planning your next celebration here at The Warrington.

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