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Modern Wedding for Today’s Bride

Share the cake, embrace the dress, personalize the flowers, and celebrate the love.

Wedding traditions are here to stay but let’s shake things up a little and add some of our own to enhance your wedding day experience and strengthen memories. For the modern bride, the venue must have a large dance floor, grand entrance, and modern design. Entrée selections should have history, flavor and eye-catching presentation. The bar needs to serve fresh cocktails, and have a wide range of wine and beer options. Here at The Warrington we embrace existing traditions and create our own.

Enjoy the amenities that come with a modern events facility. Our dance floors are the largest for a Bucks County wedding venue. Dance the night away with all your guests underneath grand chandeliers at the center of the ballroom. There are a lot of great places to host a celebration but the most popular is often the dance floor. Make your way over to our recently renovated window filled cocktail room or outside to one of our two scenic ceremonial gardens. Take memorable photographs in our front foyer with the unique wavy backdrop from the picture above.

The kitchen is a place where families gather to share stories and enjoy family recipes that have been passed down for generations so the venue your reception takes place should embrace this tradition with exceptional entrees and stories to be shared. Our Executive Chef and culinary team embrace traditional recipes while adding some of their own unique touches for a flavorful dish and enhanced presentation. Enjoy guest favorites like our Key West Chicken topped with fresh mango salsa or our Salmon Sesame sprinkled with sesame seeds and brushed with an irresistible black plum glaze prepared in state-of-the-art rational ovens.

It’s time to take the bar up a notch. A bar where one of your guests can be served a traditional cocktail like a gin and tonic or martini but have options to indulge in the fresh flavor of a mint muddled mojito. Our bar includes original favorites and a fresh menu of signature cocktail choices you can explore to make the bar experience more customized. Cocktail, wine and beer options have expanded so your wedding day selections should too. Enjoy one of our included IPAs or the wide range of wine varietals we offer all your guests. Raising the bar is an essential part of a modern wedding experience so we have.

Every tradition has a story behind how it began. This is the beginning of our story and the traditions we celebrate with the modern bride every weekend. Come plan your wedding day experience with us today. Call one of our Event planners or head over to our “contact us” page for more details �

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