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Perks of a modern wedding venue

A modern wedding venue packs a “wow” factor that rustic venues can’t match. Over the past six years the glamour of the city has found a new home in Bucks County and we call it “The Warrington.”  We removed ourselves from the saturation of rustic venues in Bucks County to focus on today’s bride.

When clients enter our facility, they are immediately greeted with our newly renovated, glass walled front foyer.  We enjoy hearing customer reactions when they walk in and are blown away by the improvements we have made over the past six years. The lavish style of our facilities is one of the many reasons why you should choose a modern wedding venue.

Something New

We love hearing our guests say “That’s different! I haven’t seen that before,” just before they indulge in one of our interactive stations, walk into our brand-new ballrooms, or are at peace in our bucolic gardens surrounding the facility.  While many guests have been to The Warrington Country Club, “The Warrington” is a completely redesigned facility ready to create new memories.  Have your guests reminisce on the memories of old with a completely new experience today.

Contemporary Amenities

When you plan an event like your wedding, you’re not always thinking about basic amenities like A/C in the summer and heating in the winter, and you shouldn’t have to.  The Warrington has state of the art climate control technology to ensure your experience isn’t testing your under-arm deodorant or that dress you bought isn’t hidden underneath your jacket.  Whether you’re on the dance floor or sitting back in your chair, your comfort is our priority.

Savory Cuisine

Our culinary team prides itself on placing contemporary twists on classic dishes.  You may have noticed this while trying our “meatball on a spaghetti nest” hors d’oeuvre or while biting into a tender piece of steak.  Our menu is made possible through our passionate team and the state of the art equipment we use to prepare each course.  Attention is given from oven to plate for each entree to ensure the presentation and flavor are perfect.

Love Your Photographs

Your memories are best displayed through pictures and at our modern wedding venue, the picturesque backgrounds are breathtaking.  The outdoor illumination and photograph-ready backdrops make for the ideal wedding image you want to capture.  Bucks County has rustic locations all around its parks for you to take pictures before coming back to an event space that also caters to memorable photographs, “wow” experiences, and a change of scenery.

So, what can you expect with this new kind of event day experience? 

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