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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venues in Bucks County

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Bucks County is a scenic destination and to compliment this idea, The Warrington has added five manicured acres.  On the property, you will find the perfect location to host your intimate outdoor wedding ceremony in either the Arbor or Crystal Gardens.

The gardens are maintained all year around and are set up for a stunning floral landscape in early Spring for beautiful Spring ceremonies.  Each private garden is equipped with a decorative Arbor and the instantly gratifying stone walkway for those “walks to remember” down the aisle.  Each of these enhanced areas of the property are just steps away from the cocktail hour that follows, and is full of picturesque locations.


The flow of you and your guests event experience commences with the Arbor Gardens.  Whether you are hosting your ceremony here or having your guests directed through the floral walkway toward the start of your cocktail hour, the view is nothing short of memorable.  Guests often use this area to begin documenting their evening with photographs accompanied by all the wonderful backdrops.  The area can fit up to 300 guests for a private wedding ceremony or outdoor cocktail hour.  It is kept intimate through the large Arborvitae and Cypress trees surrounding the gardens colorful floral displays.  The stunning stone walkway fit for the bride is the perfect addition to ceremonial photographs.  When the sun goes down, the backdrop transforms into a glistening garden with accent lighting and starry lights circling the tall trees.


Designed to provide an intimate experience for you and your guests, this area is perfect for small cocktail hours and romantic outdoor ceremonies.  The area includes a stone walkway connected to a balcony that overlooks the entire garden.  The area is equipped with a wraparound stone bench for group shots and relaxation in the intimate space.  The area is surrounded with tall Arborvitae trees, and eye-catching floral arrangements throughout the garden.  This area is well lit at night for photographs and provides a picturesque backdrop to be viewed from the Crystal Ballrooms large windows.  You don’t have to go far to get away with the Private Crystal Gardens

Enjoy the Crystal or Arbor gardens here and a memorable reception in our completely renovated outdoor wedding ceremony venue.  Call us today!


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