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“The best just got better” is a cliffhanger we’re not going to leave you with so let’s talk about what’s better about The Warrington’s 2019 menus.

Our 2018 dishes focused on the perfect fusion between flavor and presentation. In 2019 we’re inviting you behind the scenes and into the kitchen, literally, to explore the new cooking techniques and culinary team behind the “year of better.”

Cut into a piece of The Warrington’s Bistro Steak and find a consistent pink color from top to bottom. Take a bite for a steakhouse style tenderness with a slightly crispy texture around the edges achieved through flash searing each steak right before it’s sent out to your guests on hot plates. Each cut is topped with freshly braised scallions and a robust chasseur sauce. Garlic whipped mashed potatoes and a locally sourced seasonal vegetable accompany each protein option on the menu.

It may have been since Gwen Stefani said “B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” that we actually went bananas for something, but the Strawberry Salmon topped with a baby banana salsa is worthy of the reference. The fresh flavors of the sea meet the fresh flavors of the garden with an orange infused strawberry gastrique glaze over every bite. An almond biscotti crust sprinkled on top adds a crisp taste to the flaky texture of salmon. This original dish is unique like the love you share with your significant other.

Speaking of love, find it in our watermelon salad topped with a tomato confit, goat cheese, pistachio crumble, and balsamic syrup. Sink your fork into the flavors of summer and we’ll be by shortly to retrieve the empty plates.

Have questions about how each slice of steak on the over 100 plates that leave our kitchen in under 10 minutes is reminiscent of your favorite steakhouse? Do you want to find out how tropical flavors atop a filet of salmon taste like an award winning dish? Ask our team. You may even find Executive Chef John Smola bring you through our kitchen to show you the culinary art of sous vide or give you the recipe to one of his many popular sauces. The sky is the limit in 2019.

Want to learn more? Schedule a tour with one of our Event Planners today or tune in for next week’s blog on how we are changing the tasting experience for our wedding couples.

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