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USA Today Awards Doylestown

Doylestown is the winner of the “USA Today” contest for having the best small-town cultural scene in the nation. With an award like this, there is plenty to be proud of and even more to celebrate.

Doylestown is becoming quite the destination spot couples are seeking. The wedding lasts for one memorable night, but knowing you have a whole weekend ahead to continue the celebration with the friends and family who have gathered for your day is the icing on the cake.

Travel from ‘just woke up’ to ‘ready to tackle this day’ quickly with a tasty breakfast from Zen Den. Enjoy the relaxing ambience and savory treats like their fresh quiche or grilled pound cakes. Be sure to try their organic coffee and tea menu for a fresh start to your morning because there is plenty more to experience in this culture-filled town. Take the walk down main street for plenty of shopping and great food. Honey makes the top of our list with its savory entrees served family-style. Room for dessert? I’m not even sure why I asked. Follow up a delicious meal with a gourmet dessert from Nina’s Waffles.

Experience history with the Mercer Museum, filled with a collection of tools people used in everyday life before the industrial age. Before machines took over the traits of many craftsmen, and antiquated tools were thrown away, Henry Mercer collected and preserved these items. Discover how generations before us lived and see how far the industrial age has taken us to find a true appreciation in the tools we have today. Stroll over to Fonthill Castle for a look into the architectural and artistic vision of Henry Mercer afterwards.

A location with this much culture hosts great events year around, so depending on the weekend, you might find yourself attending one of their popular festivals. The Annual Tile Works Festival takes over the Moraviam Pottery and the Tile Works Museum and is themed around historical and modern-day handmade tiles. This takes place in May for all of our spring brides. In the fall, Doylestown has its most popular event with the Arts Festival. Walk the streets of Doylestown to upbeat music, savory dishes, and creative art. For more information about events, restaurants, and the history of Doylestown, is the site to check out.

Looking to book your wedding or next special event with us? One of our team members will be happy to help you plan every detail and discuss everything that makes Doylestown a fun place to spend the weekend. Its culture is a real winner.

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