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Staying Trendy In 2024

Updated: Apr 6

Staying Trendy in 2024 for creating unique, exceptional guest experiences, such as our grand entrance.

Styles, trends, and what’s popular… they all change over time, so we did a little trend hunting for you to surmise what is “in” this year, and there are some surprises.  One example, the bride and groom are ranking guest experience at the top of their “what’s most important" list.  Find out how we can achieve an exceptional guest experience together, along with other trendy details.  Let’s dive into 2024 trends together and come out feeling confident we’ve made the right picks for our wedding day.

Grandma and Grandpa just became tech savvy, or at least let’s hope.  The trend for wedding planning has shifted to websites and apps.  The Knot, Wedding Wire and Zola are just a few of the popular apps you can use to organize your wedding day details.  They can also send evites to guests and organize their responses for you in a database that will have you opening excel less often.  These tools enable you to make your own wedding website and, with Zola, take the stress out of creating a seating chart by turning your RSVP list into a seating chart.  When you have an app that will compile your wedding details and use them to simplify processes done by hand before, why not use them?

More than half of couples include the following in their wedding day, but over 90% do a first dance, so if you’re not a dancer, you may want to find some dancing shoes and rewatch “Dirty Dancing”.  

-         Giving a toast is still popular.  Keep making good (hopefully non embarrassing) stories with close friends and family.  They may take center stage on your wedding day, for a bit. 

-         Staged first looks happen often and we can attest to this.  We have seen this trend grow over the last few years. 

-         In the movie “Cocktail” Tom Cruise famously said “Drinks are on the house, bar is open.”  Your guests want to hear this and we can help you with our all-inclusive wedding package. These are booming trends in 2024. 

Barbie hit theaters last year, but pink is making its wedding appearance this year.  The color palette has changed, and expect to see more greens, blues, and…well... pink.  White, champagne, and gold are the timeless classics in this category, but new color trends have emerged.  These colors have made their way to the front of the line as couples embrace making a statement with their color theme.  If you prefer other colors than what’s listed, based on the time of year your wedding is or personal preference, that’s in too.  The overarching theme is using colors to make a statement.

At The Warrington, we can work with you to make the guest experience exceptional as featured in our over 100, 5 stars reviews in 2023.  Stay trendy in 2024 with your trendy concierges by clicking here.


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