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Why The Warrington has been 2024 Trendy, Since 2016

In 2024, chefs are finding ways to mix unique culinary offerings and tradition, all within the small canvas of a 12-inch diameter plate.  Food Fanatics magazine summarizes today’s food trends as creative spins on traditional dishes and immersions between different regional cuisines. 


Culinary traditions. Love it or hate it, there’s an argument for both sides. The pro of traditions - we like what’s familiar to us. The con of traditions - it can stunt innovation, at least for the non-creative. The Warrington has a list of dishes prepared to make your taste buds dance in 2024, keeping the roots of tradition embedded in the recipe. Flavor talk ahead. 


The Bolero. Ever heard of it?  It’s a style of dance blending the Rumba and the Waltz. Just like this cross cultural combination, we blend the Argentine flavors in our chimichurri with the tangy zest of African barbeque sauce on our Brazilian Charcoal Steak to make your taste buds dance. South America and Africa are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but while on our plate, the flavors of chimichurri and barbeque sauce harmonize over our sous vide steak.  Despite the style of mixing regional flavors being popular in 2024, this is the number one choice on our menu since 2016.


If you’re headed to an Italian Restaurant, you might want to go back to your younger years and bib up. Italian food is delicious, but when Nonna is covering everything in sauce, eating a meal is usually followed by running the wash. At The Warrington, we say, “leave your bibs at home,” with our Nonna’s Meatball on a Spaghetti Nest skewer. All the flavor of homemade spaghetti and meatballs, but a fraction of the mess. Here, we blend a culture of delicious but messy food, with flavor filled presentation designed for easy consumption. 


Chefs of today aren’t just blending the cuisines of different cultures to create ah-ha flavors. They are thinking outside the box by using the same ingredients from well-known dishes a bit differently. You’ve probably heard, “who ordered the BLT?” before.  This sensational collaboration of bacon, lettuce, and tomato just received some out of the box thinking. Take everyone’s favorite part… the bacon, and make a bacon bowl out of it. Top it with lettuce, tomato, and breadcrumbs. It’s still a BLT, just presented differently. This is one of the common “Chef’s Choice” hors d’oeuvres you may see here. 


Food brings us together, now more than ever, since chefs have been mixing flavors from all over the globe to create unique dining experiences. Our menu offerings adhere to popular trends without forgetting the most important ingredient in any dish… flavor. Choose The Warrington for your next special occasion and see why all your guests will be talking about the food. Click here to inquire. 


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